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Smart Contract Development Services

We provide you with experts in smart contract development and make you closer to your web3 project.
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Smart contracts for

We can help you leverage the benefits of blockchain technology by creating customized smart contracts that are specifically designed to meet your needs.
DEX projectsNFT projectsStaking solutionsToken launchYield farmingRWA platforms
We can help you leverage the benefits of blockchain technology by creating customized smart contracts that are specifically designed to meet your needs.

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Our experience in smart contract development

Cpaytoday Crypto multisend tool for business payments

1 month
for launching MVP
We developed frontend and smart contracts and integrated Binance, Ethereum and Tron networks.
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Vinesia Investment platform for premium wine

2 weeks
for smart contracts development
We developed architecture and smart contracts for the platform, where every bottle of wine is represented as NFT and stores the information about the storage conditions of premium alcohol.
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MetaPool Developed a centralized launchpad from scratch

$50 000
3.5 months
Develop a backend and frontend, wrote EVM smart contracts and designed the platform
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project — in progress
Is the world’s first interest free stablecoin protocol on Cardano
Developed a smart contracts platform on the Cardano blockchain, which makes it possible to issue AUSD Stablecoin, secured by ADA crypto-assets.
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We developed frontend and connected smart-contracts for the NFT collection sales platform that received a grant from Polygon to help build the Metaverse ecosystem.
Zombie Cupcakes
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Our Blockchain Journey

Our developers don’t just write code, but they also work on improving themselves and assisting others. As a result, we’ve created a free and open Blockchain Wiki where anyone can explore the world of web3 and creating smart contracts.

Our developers frequently engage in prominent hackathons and consistently clinch top prizes.

How we will

How we will
Gather the requirements
1–2 days
Define the task, objectives and a desired outcome. If we have enough data, we will assemble a project team and start the estimation process.
If you are not sure that your requirements are comprehensive enough, we will help to generate all the necessary data during the Discovery phase.
Conduct Discovery, draft Technical Assignment
3 days to 1–2 weeks depending on the project
The Business Analyst will work through the key issues with you: «Who are the potential users?», «What capabilities does each user need?», etc.
Based on the obtained data, we will form functional requirements that are necessary to start the development.
Our designer will make service prototypes as requested. This will help to work through the non-obvious issues, make sure that we understood the task correctly and did not miss a single thing. You will review the content and modify it if necessary. Based on the prototypes the developers will estimate the outstanding scope of work and prioritize the functions of the future service more precisely.
If you need to stick to budget or terms, we will offer a Fixed-Price model. If you are ready to adjust to the changing requirements — Time & Material model will be the optimal choice
Estimate the terms and cost of work
3 days to 1–2 weeks depending on the project
Based on the available data, the developers will estimate the duration of work. A designer may join the estimation process if design is needed. Finally, you will receive a detailed table of tasks with an estimation of each task in hours.
Coordinate the cost and work format
1–3 days
Define the most comfortable way of communication and payment.
We will introduce you to the Project Manager and developers. The rates of each developer depend on the grade according to our Developer Roadmap. The Manager will advise you on every particular engineer.
We will define the terms and results you will get.
Sum up and start the development
1–3 days
The Project Manager will be in touch with you end to end.
While we’re taking stock, our developers will have everything set up and start making things happen.

Working for results

Each of us is not just writing code or managing the process, but working at a meta-level: immersing ourselves in the problem.

MetaLamp Magazine

We share our expertise in the articles. You can read more about web3, blockchain and our experience.

How we work

  • IT Consulting 

    We can offer expert advice, guidance, and support to organizations to optimize their use of information technology (IT) and achieve their business objectives.
  • Outstaffing

    We provide comprehensive front-end, back-end and smart-contract development services. You can hire our dedicated team on a long-term basis and make them an integral part of your team.
  • Outsourcing

    We develop turnkey projects, from designing and architecting the application to releasing and scaling the product.


What is a smart contract?
A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. It automatically enforces and executes the terms of the contract when predefined conditions are met, without the need for intermediaries.
What is the role of smart contracts In blockchain?
The role of smart contracts in blockchain is to automate and enforce the terms of agreements or transactions without the need for intermediaries. They enable decentralized applications to execute predefined actions autonomously based on predetermined conditions, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and trust in blockchain networks.
What industries can benefit from smart contract development?
Many industries can benefit from smart contract development, including finance, supply chain management, healthcare, real estate, and legal sectors. Smart contracts streamline processes, reduce costs, enhance security, and increase transparency by automating and enforcing agreements and transactions on blockchain networks.
What programming languages do you use for smart contract development?
We use Solidity which is the most widely used programming language for smart contracts, especially on platforms like Ethereum. Also we code in other languages like Vyper, Rust, and Plutus are used on different blockchain platforms.
What is the process for smart contract development?
The process of smart contract development involves requirement gathering, where your needs and specifications are defined, followed by contract design and coding. Once coded, contracts undergo rigorous testing and auditing procedures to ensure.
How much does smart contract development cost?
The cost of smart contracts depends on various factors like the requirements, code complexity, and blockchain platform. Our smart contract development costs range from $3,500 to $10,000. Contact us to get an estimation for your project.
How long does it take to develop a smart contract?
The development timeline for smart contracts depends on their complexity, requirements, and other factors. For a simple smart contract, we typically estimate around two weeks, but for a more accurate assessment of timelines, please get in touch with us.