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MVP Development Company

Create a top-notch MVP for your startup with us. As a full-cycle software development company, we build the best minimum viable products ensuring your idea becomes a reality.
120+ MVP
for startups around the world over the past 10 years
> $1 billion
capitalization of our portfolio
10 years
experience in Web3, Fintech, EdTech, MarTech, E-commerce

Our MVP development experience


Reinsurance marketplace

$50 000
cost of development
3.5 months
months development period

Platform for reinsurance management. In the first version of the project we created a messaging and document management system

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Improvado International aggregator of advertising campaigns

$60 million
$22 million
series A investment
Platform for managing analytics from different advertising sources. We created frontend for the MVP with complex data visualization features
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MetaPool Centralized launchpad for cryptoprojects

$50 000
cost of development
3 months
development period
Platform where crypto startups and investors meet together. We developed ready-made product including design, smart-contracts, frontend and backend
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RocketCompute Platform for computer power load monitoring

$30 000
cost of development
1.5 month
development period
Service for load monitoring of main resources: CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage I/O on cloud platforms: AWS, GCP, OCI, focused on machine learning load
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$70 000
cost of development
5 months
development period
The first NFT Marketplace in Cardano infrastructure. The scope consists of smart-contracts, front-end and design. This project became one of the first released projects build in Plutus ecosystem
Cardano NFT-marketplace
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Choose our MVP development services when

  • You need to launch the MVP on time
  • You need to find a way to test your idea quickly and inexpensively
  • You want to see a real traction after the MVP release

We know how to help

We will build the ready-made minimum viable product in 1–3 month and you get your first users

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Our MVP software development process

Finalizing the vision of your MVP and estimating the scope of work

We dive into your project to understand your solution, your clients and competitors. This allows to clarify the vision of MVP and estimate the cost and timeframe of development.

Creating a CJM and prototypes

By this step you get the visualization of your idea: how users will interact with your MVP service, which screens and buttons they will see and click on. On this stage we get the final synchronization between your vision and our proposals.

Creating MVP design

Last look on your project before it gets to development.

Developing MVP

Our development team will transform concepts and mockups into real solutions. You get the first version of the product and check your business hypothesis observing the traction and users' response.

Launching in Web, App store or Google Play

Get the release and impress your first clients.

Why choose us to build an MVP

1 — priorities

We commit to bring you the released MVP which you can show to your first users and get feedback from the market

2 — efficiency

The development of the first version of your product should not be endless. If 1 months is enough to show users some functionality — let's make it

3 — experience

Good products require good professionals. Our development team consists only of middle|senior specialists with 3-8 years development experience

4 — conscience

Unlike most development studios, we often cut down the scope of work stated by the customer, leaving only the most necessary minimum functionality for the MVP. This allows startup founders to avoid spending too much time and money testing a hypothesis
Our product and technical specialists are ready to help you to understand the first step towards MVP release
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Metalamp by the numbers

80% clients
continue to work with us after launching the MVP
Clutch 5.0
experience in Web3, Fintech, EdTech, MarTech, E-commerce
10+ partners
in the network among VCs and Accelerators

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