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Cardano NFT-marketplace

The First NFT-marketplace on Cardano

5 people
in the team
5 month
of work

Designed and developed in collaboration with IOHK, a decentralized application on the Plutus platform. The created DApp is one of the first NFT marketplaces on Cardano.

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abstraction How we use our own training program to hire Plutus engineers

Planning to develop the direction of blockchain development, we decided to teach the Plutus language to every backender in the company, including interns who are just getting ready to become part of the Metalamp team. Here we share our experience.

Svetlana Dulceva

The Education Program Supervisor


investors How we developed a web service for crypto inverstors

We share our experience in creating the MetaPool project, an investment and educational application for both experienced and inexperienced blockchain investors. We developed it completely from the ground up.

Darya Kiseleva

Head of PMO


How we designed the chargeless Education Web Development Program and it helped us to employ 60 graduates a man with books
Featured story

We solved the issue of recruitment through our educational project for developers. Sharing the results in this article.

Sergey Cherepanov

CTO MetaLamp


How to establish a salary increase system without any injustice and subjectivism salary

If you are the head of a team of more than three people, then you probably face the problem of employee salary increase.

Roman Shtih

CEO Metalamp